How to personalise connection requests directly from your phone. 3 steps to follow.

As we know, best practise is to include a personalised note when sending a connection request on LinkedIn. It positions you more credibly with the receiver, can highlight why you should connect and supports that your request it’s not a piece of spam.

One of the most popular LinkedIn information requests I get is “How do I customise connection requests from my mobile phone”?


If you’re like me, you often spend all day using ‘just your phone’ as your primary communication device. When I’m out and about meeting people, I like to connect with them straight away, so how do you do that in a professional manner, when you only have your phone handy?

Well, wonder no more.

1 –  You open the person’s LinkedIn profile on your phone via the LinkedIn app, next to the search window are 3 small dots.

2 – This opens up a menu of five options, one of which is ‘personalise invite’.

3 – Then, just as you would with any other connection request, simply type in the reason for your connection. I’d suggest leveraging a Dr Cialdini’s Ethical Persuasion strategies (details here) as a potential reason to connect, to drastically increase your chance of a quality connection.

NB: If I meet you for the first time in a business environment, I’m pretty comfortable simply standing next to you and sending each other a non-edited connection request in the same manner as if we were swapping business cards. Assuming that we are going to accept each other’s connection immediately.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn’s pulse.

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